Welcome to the Gallatin Community Collaborative

Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC)
The purpose of the Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC) is to create broad-based consensus regarding the management and stewardship of the Custer Gallatin National Forest (CGNF).

The goals of the GCC are to:

• Develop recommendations for the CGNF, with particular attention to the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Areas (HPBH-WSA), regarding the following:
a/ Travel Planning Management
b/ Forest Plan Revision
• Develop a legislative proposal that addresses public land designations in the Gallatin Range, with particular attention to the HPBH-WSA.

The GCC will promote a constructive exchange of information and ideas within the community.
To accomplish this they will do the following:

• Bring diverse stakeholders into a fair, transparent, inclusive, fact-based, and civil collaborative process.
• Develop a shared understanding of issues.
• Identify key values, interests and needs of the community
• Identify areas of agreement and disagreement.
• Develop a shared understanding of the planning processes, policies, and regulations currently used by federal, state and local agencies for public land, wildlife and water management.
• Identify areas where additional information will be needed to make well informed decisions.
• Generate recommendations that have broad community support.

2 Responses to Welcome to the Gallatin Community Collaborative

  1. David Wallin says:

    Would like to continue to be on the contact list. Appreciate any discussion on the reprehensibly exorbitant charges for maintaining a small cabin-in family since 1955-on forest service land that used to be a 99 year lease at $99 per year and now almost $4000.00 with only seasonal road access.

  2. Roxanna Mclaughlin says:

    Please send me the link to the map that was used at the Feb 28 meeting. There was one map copy on each of seven tables. The scale and detail was very helpful and I would like to get a large copy printed for my home reference. Thanks.

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